Gadgets, Gizmos, and Widgets … Oh, My!

Welcome to the Big Gadget Show!

We like gadgets: contraptions, gizmos, doohickeys, thingamajigs and whatchamacallits. Especially whatchamacallits.

We’re equal opportunity when it comes to these devices: they can be electronic, mechanical or a combination of both. They can solve a simple problem, a complex challenge, or just do something cool, fun or beautiful.

This site will explore new gadgets across this huge spectrum. If we like a new gizmo, we’ll write about what it does and why we like it. When we can, we’ll also share where to get your hands on one yourself.

While some of our posts may end up reading like reviews, or even something of a sales pitch, our purpose is not really to get you to buy the nifty thingy in question. Truly, we’re just having fun here, and hope you’ll enjoy joining us for the ride.

Thanks for checking us out, and come back often to see what’s happening on the Big Gadget Show. So long!